The Wolf at His Door (The Runes Trilogy)

The Wolf at His Door - Adrian Lilly There are interesting twist and turns all through this book. If you are looking for a sweet love story with a handsome wolf who finds his HEA, keep looking. Oh, there is a HEA but not the kind that you expect. The writing keeps you pulled into this great story, be warned that you might miss sleep staying up late reading this book. Alec is not the normal main character that wants to sweep everything under the rug and only concentrate on his needs, he knows to find his twin brother's killer he needs to deal with life how it is. Lucy, his older sister sets him up on a blind date with Jared, he never thought he would feel an attraction to a man who has the same exact eye colors as he does. When Alec's brother is murdered and Lucy's boyfriend is attacked by a werewolf, Alec thinks he is loosing his mind. When Jared explains to him that everything he thinks he saw really happened things start to speed up in his life and secrets come out that his Mom wanted to keep buried forever.

One of my favorite things about an author requesting a review is the communication between the two of us and this book proved how important that open line of communication can be. I was reading the book and the story started taking me towards a story line I was not ready to cross- lol (we all have those lines) But I was able to email Adrian and ask if this certain thing was going to happen and the answer came back as "Do you want me to tell you or do you like surprises?" Well my answer- "No I don't like surprises PLEASE tell me." So Adrian was kind enough to give me my answers without spoiling anything with the story. Also if I would have read one more chapter my questions would have been answered, but I still felt better knowing the answers *g*